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About Weft Knitting Company

Weft Knitting Company produces a range of both knitwear and thermalwear brands focused on markets within New Zealand and overseas. All of our product lines are knitted and made on a high technology knitting plant in Christchurch, New Zealand. There is a strong company ethos of product design and development, quality and customer service which is very important to myself and all those who work for Weft.

Our areas of product specialisation are described as follows:

In thermalwear we produce product lines in both 100% synthetic and 100% merino wool. In knitwear we produce in 100% merino wool and also in possum merino blends.

Possum merino accessory lines are also an important part of our product range.

Our "WholeGarment" machinery plays an important part in complementing our knitted ranges to fulfil my own personal philosophy of manufacturing our product lines here in Christchurch. The philosophy of continuous improvement means we are always seeking to provide the very best product and service to our stockists and ultimately the consumer.

Hugh Douglas - Managing Director

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